OK, i hear about this self signed certificate. Whenever i signed anything it
just came up with all these warnings in FF which confuses users and i think
is not good at all. Can someone paste a link in here to a website with a
self signed cert please? Would like to see if there are any warnings etc.

Tim-Hinnerk Heuer

Jay London  - "My father would take me to the playground, and put me on mood

2009/2/15 Michael A. Peters <mpet...@mac.com>

> Sudheer wrote:
>> Michael A. Peters wrote:
>>> Sites (like mine) that don't want to pay a certificate authority can use
>>> a self-signed cert. Even Red Hat does for some of their stuff (IE I believe
>>> their bugzilla server)
>>>  Firefox scares its users when they encounter a website with self signed
>> certificate. If your website users aren't worried about the warning Firefox
>> throws at them, self signed cert works well.
> Yeah it does, hopefully they fix it.
> What scares me is allowing sites I have no reason to trust as non malicious
> and have no reason to trust as properly secured against XSS injection to
> load scripts that execute on my machine.
> People who use Firefox may be scared by the absurd warning FireFox 3 uses
> (something I've complained about to them) - other than informing users of
> the issue and hoping some read it, not much I can do about that. Hopefully
> FireFox will fix the issue and do something like what opera does (except the
> cert for session if you just click OK, accept it permanently if you click
> the security tab and check a box first).
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