Per Jessen schrieb:
Edmund Hertle wrote:

my problem is that I send an e-mail with an attachment (pdf file). I
get the filename out of a mysql table. While using echo or downloading
the file, the filename is showed as expected but as an attachment it
is not properly encoded:
Should be: PC-Beschaffung 2008 (nur für Lehre)
Will be: US-ASCII''PC-Beschaffung%202008%20(nur%20f%C3%BCr%20Lehre)

I think I have to encode the file name and already tried utf8encode
but this didn't help.

I think you need to mime-encode it - mb_encode_mimeheader().  I haven't
tried it with attachments though.


To me it looks like he only wants the spaces and special-chars in the filename to be "readable" again. I guess you submit the filename over the url, by doing that it automatically gets "url-encoded" (spaces and special chars are converted to entities). If that's all you want (convert the entities to chars again), you need to apply a urldecode() on the filename, then I think you should be fine.

Greets Calle

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