2009/2/16 Mike Roberts <mrobe...@jobscss.com>:
> Please folks, honor my request and remove me from the list. Yes I signed up 
> intentionally, and yes I tried (3 times) to de-list myself but I still get 
> the emails. You guys seem like nice folks, so I don't want to lodge a 
> complaint somewhere... I just one somebody to take responsibility and delete 
> me from the list.

What exactly have you done three times?

Send an email to php-general-unsubscr...@lists.php.net then follow the
instructions in the automated email you receive, usually a few minutes
later. If this is what you've done already then there may be a problem
with the system, but please make sure you've fully read, understood
and actioned the instructions in the email you get back.



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