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> I've read through this thread and not noticed anyone mention the <base>
> tag. This allows you to specify a URL to which relative ones are mapped
> to, which could be just what you're looking for, as I believe all the
> browsers support it (the tag has been around for donkeys years, so I'd
> be surprised if any browsers didn't support it)

You da man!

I've never heard of this tag, but it shows up on my Visibone cheatbook,
and my HTML 4 reference. Moreover, it works. When the URL in the base
tag is specified as:

<base href="http://mysite.com/";>

and, for example, a graphic link is done this way:

<img src="graphics/myportrait.gif">

It appears to override other considerations with regard to pathing.

I've already chosen an alternative solution, but I'll definitely keep
this in mind for future reference. Thanks, much.


Paul M. Foster

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