'Twas brillig, and Gevorg Harutyunyan at 17/02/09 11:55 did gyre and gimble:
Could you please give me short sample of ssh2_tunnel usage.
The only sample that I found was manual sample and I can not understood how
it works.

Not sure this is the right list for this kind of question, so perhaps you can give some example?

If I were to take a guess, I'd suggest something like the following.

Say you want to access an HTTP server at your office but it is behind a firewall. You can SSH to your office via the command "ssh m...@my.office.com" When inside the office you can access your webserver via "http://private.office.com/";.

If you wanted to access the office web server on your local machine you would do:

ssh -L 8080:private.office.com:80 m...@my.office.com

Then you would point your browser at:

And you should see your office website.



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