I posted this on Friday but figured I would try one more time before learning to 
 "live with it".

 I am running PHP 4.0.5 as an Apache Module (with Zend Optimizer) on NT 4.0
 SP6 and have been very happy with it.  Until we think about using Easysoft
 solution the only method we have to get into our HP3000 is a Windows'
 based ODBC one (which works well). Okay, so I explained why I am running PHP on
 NT  :)  The question I am having is I wrote my own session handler to
 store in a MySQL database.  All works well. But I noticed in 4.0.3 pl1 the
 gc_probability of garbage collection routine being called doesn't work right.
 Anything below 75 in the php.ini file would have it not being called at
 all (i put in a print statement to let me know when it was being called). 
 Anything over 75 had it called on EVERY session_start().  I upgraded to
 4.0.5 and now it only gets called when the probability in the php.ini file
 is set >= 99 .  I was okay with the overhead of the gc being
 called every time with 4.0.3 but with the 99 limit now....it may only take one more
 release until it is never called  :-)

  Anyone know what is going on with the NT Apache PHP?

 BTW- I call a script which has phpinfo() to make sure it is reading the
 correct php.ini file (C:\WINNT\php.ini.... and it is and the probability
 value is set correctly).

 Any advice?

Relevant entries from phpinfo():

PHP Version 4.0.5

System                                  Windows NT 4.0 build 1381
Build Date                              Apr 30 2001
Server API                              Apache
Configuration File (php.ini) Path       C:\WINNT\php.ini


Session Support                         enabled
session.auto_start                      Off             Off
session.cache_expire                    180             180
session.cache_limiter                   nocache         nocache
session.cookie_domain                   no value        no value
session.cookie_lifetime                 0               0
session.cookie_path                     /               /
session.cookie_secure                   Off             Off
session.entropy_file                    no value        no value
session.entropy_length                  0               0
session.gc_maxlifetime                  1440            1440
session.gc_probability                  99              99
session.name                            PHPSESSID       PHPSESSID
session.referer_check                   no value        no value
session.save_handler                    user            user
session.save_path                       /tmp            /tmp
session.serialize_handler               php             php
session.use_cookies                     On              On

Apache for Windows 95/NT
Apache Version                          Apache/1.3.19
Apache Release                          10319100
Apache API Version                      19990320
Hostname:Port                           myserver:80
Timeouts                                Connection: 300
                                        Keep-Alive: 15

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