Thodoris wrote:
When I make something wrong like syntax error; I get blank pages.
Because the PHP code is not running (because of the syntax error), and
thus not setting the error reporting as desired. You'll need to aither
use a .htaccess file (if you're running Apache) or make the changes in
your php.ini file (and restart your web server). Either way you won't
be able to use the constants (which you use only in a PHP script. IIRC
the correct directive would be:

error_reporting 2047

In other words try to set:
error_reporting = E_ALL

in your php.ini which is:

As far as I can see from you phpinfo page.

So that you don't need to set it in every script during runtime as you

I would look at doing this only for a testing area, but not for a production 

If they are one in the same, then you could setup to different sub domains, one 
for testing and one for production.

They can point to the same DOCUMENT_ROOT for that matter, just have different 
running configurations.

Totally agree on that since Jim has a very good point.

You shouldn't leave error reporting active in a production domain because it reveals a great deal of information about your code making you site vulnerable to attacks.
I suggested that assuming it is a testing-development domain.

The less someone knows about how things work the more secure your site becomes.


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