On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 03:55:16PM -0600, Terion Miller wrote:

> What are your suggestions folks on how to go about setting a date on a form
> so that a user can not set a start date prior to the current days date?
> I've been looking around php.net but is it a javascript thing in the
> validation I should be dealing with, basically as it is I have a form and a
> user can select a start date, but they should not be able to select a date
> that is past, currently the start date form is a drop down (a very long drop
> down) I would like to use one of those nifty calendar popups but am not sure
> (aka..wasn't able to figure out) how to send the date to the db fields as
> they are...
> guidance on this would be great ..how would you do it?
> thanks guys and gals
> Terion

Broadly, you're either going to have to limit their choices going in to
the form (limit the choices in the drop-down box), or validate it
afterwards and generate an error message if it's wrong.

I've never seen one of those calendar gizmos that wasn't Javascript,
except maybe for Ashley's (mentioned in another thread). And even at
that, a PHP one won't be selectable the way you want unless you put
radio buttons next to all the dates. And after all that, you'd still
have to do some pre-processing of it to limit selections to current date
and later.


Paul M. Foster

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