At 5:47 AM +0200 2/18/09, Ian wrote:
Anyone had to deal with this in the past and does anyone have any
suggestions/ideas as to how I could better this setup?

Many thanks in advance,


As other people have said, using IP's are not really a good solution.

If it was me, I would ask the user to submit their email address. Then my script would send them an email with a token for them to click. After they do that, they would be returned to my script and their email address would be confirmed.

With a confirmed email address, they can vote -- they get only one vote per email address.

Granted this is an involved method, but email addresses are unique and thus ensures one vote per email address.

Now, this does not stop someone from getting several email address and voting several times, but it does slow down mass voting and you have a record of who voted.

If you want to see how this works, try posting a comment on my web site under any of the web tips (




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