Yannick Mortier wrote:
2009/2/13 Dan Shirah <mrsqua...@gmail.com>:

Using both exec() and system() I am getting the error: Unable to fork

This sounds to me like it is an restriction on the server that doesn't
allow php to fork so it could start another process.
Maybe you should ask your hoster if you are not allowed to do this.

LOL - reminds me of a host I used that did not allow php to call exec()
So what I did was put the command into a database and had cron once a minute pop the database and run any commands it had in it.

After a week I got an e-mail notifying me my cron privileges had been revoked. So I went to a different host.

I don't remember what it was I was doing, but I do remember I later found a php module that allowed me to do it all in pure php (something image processing related).

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