On Thu, 2009-02-19 at 10:30 +1300, German Geek wrote:
> Hi all,
> A while ago, i had a problem with shell_exec:
> I was writing some code to execute imagemagick to convert a bunch of images.
> This could take ages to execute and the page therefore ages to load. The
> solution was to get a linux box and append a & at the end to do it in the
> background or make a ajax call to a page that does it in batches. The
> problem was really that i had to write a file that is then checked against
> to know when it was finished... Not very pretty.
> Anyway, would it be possible to make a "new" shell_exec_async function in
> php that just starts the process, puts it to the background and calls a
> callback function or another script with parameters when it finishes? I
> guess a callback function is not really going to work because the page needs
> to finish execution. It should be possible with PHP forking though.
> Anyway, just an idea.
> Regards,
> Tim
> Tim-Hinnerk Heuer
> http://www.ihostnz.com
> Emo Philips  - "I was the kid next door's imaginary friend."

What about calling a shell script with the exec call, and as the last
instruction (or continually throughout its execution) it can update a
database entry. Your PHP code can then look to see if said entry either
exists or is in the right state. It should be faster and prettier than
writing a file.


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