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> On Sat, 30 Jun 2001 06:36, Charles Williams wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I have an .sh shell script being executed from a php4 call.  I need to
> > capture the string return and work with that in the php script.  The
> > problem is that the call works but I cannot get the returned string.
> > tried using exec, passthru, ``, system, and escapeshellcommand.  Nothing
> > seems to work.  any ideas?
> $capture = `script.sh 2>&1`; // redirect standard error to standard output
> Cheers,
> Brad


Here is what I am trying to execute:

        $pass_string = "super cadduser -f \"".$full_name."\" -u
\"".$Username."\" -p \"".$Password."\" -q \"".$Quota."\" -x -d
        exec($pass_string, $ary_result);
        echo "Result: ";
#        var_dump($ary_result);
        return $ary_result;

For some reason it will only continue execution past the 'exec' call rarely.
Most of the time the script just stops after the exec call (the echo and
below is not executed).  When it does go beyond the 'exec' call the var_dump
(that I use for testing only. will be gone when working) does show as an

I have the max_execution_time set to 180 so I know the script isn't timeing
out.  Any ideas?  I have never run into this problem before.


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