Hi guys,

I'm using PHP 5.1.6 and I'm calling a WSDL that has 4 functions.

This is a brand new service opened by one of our vendors so I'm sure it is
going to change.  So I'm thinking I would like to build a page that pulls
the data structures and builds html input forms automatically.

So when I send the following code:

$client = new SoapClient($wsdl, $options);
$available_types = $client->__getTypes();

I get back:

string(467) "struct ProvisionNewTrunk {
 string DeviceID;
 string DeviceModel;
 string PublicIP;
 string LastName;
 string FirstName;
 string Address1;
 string Address2;
 string City;
 string State;
 string ZIP;
 string Country;
 string Phone;
 string Email;
 string Department;
 string Company;
 string PromotionCode;
 string CCName;
 string CCAddress1;
 string CCAddress2;
 string CCCity;
 string CCState;
 string CCZIP;
 string CCCountry;
 string CCNumber;
 string CCExpDate;

Normally I would just hard-code an array but is there any "automatic" way to
iterate through this so I can build an input form?  Besides hacking up a
str_split or something?

All my googling just turns up mirrors of php.net man pages:(

Thanks a bunch,

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