I'm hoping to save you some time here; Web Services are very poorly implemented in PHP (and that sentence is the reason I'm emailing you off-list).

You actually didn't :-) .

Everything you need is catered for in SOAP and by using the WS-xxx extensions which are common place in the Java and .net world (infact most languages) - thankfully those who are fortunate enough to know can do this in PHP as well and consume all manner of web services, as well as generate them.

You need WSO2 (oxygen) - specifically WSO2 WSF/PHP; it's the finest web service library for all languages and has a massive community behind it.

docs: http://wso2.org/project/wsf/php/2.0.0/docs/api.html

Honestly my friend, everything you need - I've been through the same thing as you for moths over many projects and this framework saved my life.

it also has very nice scripts for working with wsdl including an automatic wsdl2php and a full WSDL generation API :)

Many Regards,


ps: I'm no affiliation :)


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