German Geek wrote:

> Hi All,
> We have an application that generates dynamic ebooks. One of the
> (minor) problems (but yet annoying) is that when a user comes back to
> an ebook, they have to actually delete the cache and reload the page
> to not get the cached version which might be wrong because the content
> or even the flash application is updated.

Deleting the cache should not be necessary, a reload should be enough.
(it certainly is with Firefox).

> It would be neat if we could force a reload of the page, but only with
> a special condition like the ebook being updated or the swf. The swf
> and also the other resources are not reloaded though, because it is a
> get request.

The request type has nothing to do with it - the browser will do a
conditional GET if the local copy is expired.  Just set the right
expiry time on your files when you serve them, then they will
automatically be checked by the browser.  


Per Jessen, Zürich (2.8°C)

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