Ryan Panning wrote:
I have discovered that when I foreach over a RecursiveDirectoryIterator (see example below) the $item actually turns into a SplFileInfo object. I would expect it to be a RecursiveDirectoryIterator. How do I do a hasChildren() on SplFileInfo?

seems like expected functionality to me, you're looping over the contents of the directory and that can only be a file or a directory - thus SplFileInfo seems correct?

in short you don't call hasChildren() on SplFileInfo, you call it on RecursiveDirectoryIterator.

From the docs:
RecursiveDirectoryIterator::hasChildren — Returns whether current entry is a directory and not '.' or '..'

RecursiveDirectoryIterator::getChildren — Returns an iterator for the current entry if it is a directory

Thus this is how you call getChildren properly:

$dir = new RecursiveDirectoryIterator( dirname(dirname(__FILE__)) );
foreach($dir as $splFileInfo) {
  if( $dir->hasChildren() ) {
    $childDir = $dir->getChildren();
    echo get_class($childDir) . ' ' . $childDir->getPath() .  PHP_EOL;

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