I am trying to write a PHP interface to ISBNdb.com. When I make a certain
request, the following is returned

<ISBNdb server_time="2009-02-24T18:57:31Z">
 <BookList total_results="1" page_size="10" page_number="1"
  <BookData book_id="language_proof_and_logic" isbn="157586374X"
   <Title>Language, Proof and Logic</Title>
   <AuthorsText>Jon Barwise, John Etchemendy, </AuthorsText>
   <PublisherText publisher_id="center_for_the_study_of_la_a03">Center for
the Study of Language and Inf</PublisherText>
subject_id="amazon_com_nonfiction_philosophy_logic_language">Amazon.com --
Nonfiction -- Philosophy -- Logic &amp; Language</Subject>
    <Subject subject_id="amazon_com_science_general">Amazon.com -- Science
-- General</Subject>

And when loaded using simplexml_load_string, it gives the following object

object(SimpleXMLElement)#10 (2) {
    array(1) {
      string(20) "2009-02-24T18:57:31Z"
    object(SimpleXMLElement)#14 (2) {
      array(4) {
        string(1) "1"
        string(2) "10"
        string(1) "1"
        string(1) "1"
      object(SimpleXMLElement)#11 (6) {
        array(3) {
          string(24) "language_proof_and_logic"
          string(10) "157586374X"
          string(13) "9781575863740"
        string(25) "Language, Proof and Logic"
        object(SimpleXMLElement)#15 (0) {
        string(30) "Jon Barwise, John Etchemendy, "
        string(40) "Center for the Study of Language and Inf"
        object(SimpleXMLElement)#16 (1) {
          array(2) {
            string(58) "Amazon.com -- Nonfiction -- Philosophy -- Logic &
            string(32) "Amazon.com -- Science -- General"

Notice that I lose the attribute subject_id from the Subject tag. Why is
this?? Is there any way from preventing it from happening??

Thanks in advance,

Alex Chamberlain

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