Micah Gersten wrote:
Martin Zvarík wrote:
Chris napsal(a):
Terion Miller wrote:
Need syntax help when it comes to using a timestamp.
What I'm trying to say in my query WHERE clause is to select records
if the
timestamp on the record is in the past 7 days from NOW()

$query .= " WHERE stamp < NOW()-7 ";  I have no clue here on this ....

the lay language is  WHERE stamp is within the past 7 days.... how
to php
that? lol
Has nothing at all to do with php.


$query .= " WHERE stamp < ".(time()-7*3600*24);

Using something like that is disastrous for DST and Leap Seconds...

It was a dig at me for saying it's not php related ;)

(Learning sql still has nothing to do with php).

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