>Being rather new to all this, I understood from the MySql manual that
>the auto_increment is to b e used immediately after an insertion not
>intermittently. My application is for administrators (the site owner &
>designates) to update the database from and administration directory,
>accessed by user/password login... so there's really very little
>possibility of 2 people accessing at the same time.
>By using MAX + 1 I keep the id number in the $idIn and can reuse it in
>other INSERTS
[JS] Are you looking for something like LAST_INSERT_ID()? If you INSERT a
record that has an auto-increment field, you can retrieve the value that got
inserted with "SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID()". It is connection-specific, so
you'll always have your "own" value. You can then save it to reuse, either
as a session variable or (more easily) as a hidden field on your form.

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