I am beginner with PHP and prior to PHP I have worked with java for some time and with perl for very short period. I can't help to notice some things that are little annoyance for me with PHP, but I am sure someone more experienced
can help me :-)
Is there in PHP something like "use strict" from perl? I find it pretty
annoying to need to run script over and over again just to find out that I
made typo in variable name.
Is there some way for PHP to cache some data on the page? I like very much
PHP's speed but it would be even better to be able to cache some frequently
used data from database?
Also regarding databases, I liked a lot java's way of sending data to database
using parameters ("select * from user where username = ?" and then passing
parameter separately with database doing necessary escaping and everything).
Is there something like PHPDBC similar to JDBC?


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