Hello everyone,

 I need some guidance. After browsing through a few shopping carts, I've
 decided to write my own. I want to write one to satisfy the geek in
 me...just for the love of doing it.

 Plus, I want to add some additional features to it. Like, Wireless
 access, etc.

 Anyway, I'm looking for some direction on what's involve in a shopping
 cart. Mostly, I'm looking for a roadmap to make sure that I don't miss
 critical components (like security, multithread access, etc.)

 If you can, please send me a list of things that you think (or know) that
 a GOOD shopping cart should have. Include the small as well as the large
 items. I'm not asking that you write the code for me, only that you  point
 me in the right direction.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.

 Thanks in advance!


__________John Monfort_________________
     P E P I E  D E S I G N S
"The world is waiting, are you ready?"

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