Can someone help me find the smallest block of code that is making Apache
SEGV? Actually the code is about 30 lines and actually depends with Doctrine
(which I think it is not causing the crash as well, but it is combined with
something else). I also make use of user defined stream wrappers. These
combined cause PHP crash Apache when it is freeing resources (the last
called function was stream_close, when I removed that method from my
user-defined stream, it doesn't crashes anymore).

The code makes use of register_shutdown_function to try to detect an E_ERROR
(or other fatal error) and them output gracefully to the user. Removing
Doctrine (that is actually just initialized) or my user-defined stream,
there is no crash.

PHP 5.2.6 (also tested with PHP 5.2.8)
Apache 2.2

I am beginner on finding bugs on PHP, this one is really boring me because
it makes an important part of my software not work.

I have the backtrace and a ready to debug environment (PHP 5.2.6 and Apache
2.2) with GDB.

Davi R. Tavares

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