""Michael A. Peters"" <mpet...@mac.com> wrote in message 
> As my web app is coming to completion, I added a means to search records 
> (different from site search).
> This involves reading post input and is many cases converting it to an 
> integer.
> Damn I feel dumb.
> The search app wasn't working, so I did what I often do when 
> troubleshooting crap - I put a die($variable) at various points to see if 
> the variable is what it is suppose to be.
> I kept getting blank returns from die after the conversion from a post 
> string to an integer. I looked in the apache logs, system logs, I even 
> tried rebooting - I couldn't figure why the smurf the variable wasn't 
> converting to integer.
> I even turned off eaccelerator in case that was causing it, though it 
> never has given me issue before (except once when I was doing something in 
> a really shoddy way - cleaned up my method and it behaved)
> After several hours contemplating if I had bad RAM, an issue with the CPU, 
> verifying my RPMs were good, wondering why I wasn't getting anything in 
> the logs, it dawned on me.
> If variable is an integer, die($var) returns nothing and is suppose to 
> return nothing, it takes a string as an argument to echo on death - 
> die("$var") is what I wanted.
> I need sleep.
> I did finally find the error and fix the record search problem.

Meh...just replace the muffler bearings, and be done with it.

Frank...what's sleep? 

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