Michael A. Peters wrote:
This is what I have so far -

$pattern[] = "/^([0-9]{1,2})[\s-]([A-Z][a-z]*)[\s-]([0-9]{4,4})$/i";
$clean[]   = "\\3-\\2-\\1";

$pattern[] = "/^([A-Z][a-z]*)[\s-]([0-9]{4,4})$/";
$clean[]   = "\\2-\\1-01";

$foo = preg_replace($pattern, $clean, $verb_date);

If I were you, I'd write several regexes, one for each date format you wish to recognize. It makes the regexes much easier to read, and you can still write sub-expressions for catching e.g. months and then reuse those in your main regexes.

/Per Jessen

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