I have two queries one pulls out which users to use and the second pulls
those users orders....
Looks something like this but is only pulling the first record:

    $query =  "SELECT `UserName`, `AdminID` FROM admin
      WHERE   Key1 =  'YES' ";

    $result = mysql_query ($query) ;
    $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);

    //Reveal Variables for Debugging
    // include("VariableReveal2.php");
     echo ("Hello <br>");
    //echo $row['AdminID'];
    echo ($row['UserName']);

    if ($row['Key1'] == "NO") {
        header ("Location: Welcome.php?AdminID=$AdminID&msg=Sorry, you do
not have access to that page.");

if (isset($_GET['SortBy'])) {$SortBy = $_GET['SortBy'];} else {$SortBy =
'WorkOrderID DESC';}
if (isset($_GET['Page'])) {$Page = $_GET['Page'];} else {$Page = 1;}

$PerPage = 30;
$StartPage = ($Page - 1) * $PerPage;

        second query here is using the $row from the first (and yes I know
not to use *, just did so here to keep post shorter)

         $sql= "SELECT * FROM workorders WHERE AdminID =
'".$row['AdminID']."' ";
      // $sql .= "ORDER BY $SortBy LIMIT $StartPage, $PerPage";
      $result = mysql_query ($sql);
      $row2 = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);
      $Total = ceil(mysql_num_rows($result)/$PerPage);

    So this works but only half way as it only displays the first record in
the table.


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