Until a couple of days ago, we were running IMP on our server with PHP
compiled as an Apache module. Because we wanted to use the apache SuEXEC
wrapper, I compiled PHP as a CGI, which works mostly fine. Every user on our
web needs to put the following wrapper in their cgi-bin directory to be able
to use PHP:

exec /usr/local/bin/php

But now we have a problem with IMP and mail attachments. When you view a mail
message with attachments in IMP, it gives you an icon with a link to the
attachment, which you should be able to click on to get the contents of the
attachment. The URL pointed to is something like:


This works fine when PHP is compiled as a module (view.php3 is read by the PHP
module and attached-file.bin is sent to your browser), but when running as a
CGI, PHP tries to open the file view.php3/attached-file.bin, which of course
does not exist and it fails with error code 255 and not displaying anything
(which I think is a bug in itself, it took me a couple of hours to figure out
at all what is going on).

Any idea how I could fix that?

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