On Tue, 2009-03-03 at 11:41 -0800, Damon Miller wrote:
> My question then becomes the following:  Is there a cache engine
> available which can store multiple (different) copies of a source file
> and serve them only to the appropriate request?  Perhaps a better way
> to
> describe this would be a sort of "mapping" feature allowing
> per-directory control.  I'm imagining a simple list of directories
> that
> instructs the cache engine to keep their caches separate.  This might
> even be implemented by incorporating the directory name into the key
> used for lookups, but frankly I haven't spent much time looking at
> APC's
> code (nor have I looked at XCache's or eAccelerator's at all.)

If the path to the source file differs then it shouldn't matter that the
source tree is a copy, for all intents and purposes, as far as an
accelerator is concerned, the sources are different. I've not liked APC
in the past (I don't remember exactly what the problem was) and
personally use eAccelerator.

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