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            I have enabled allow_url_fopen & allow_url_include in
            php.ini file.
            is it a security issue ?

        allow_url_fopen means you can fetch pages:

        $page = file_get_contents('http://www.example.com');

        This is ok to enable - all it does is fetch the page. It does
        not execute the code it retrieved.

        allow_url_include means you can remotely include code as if it
        was on your server:


        That means if http://www.example.com/page.html includes any php
        code, it will be executed on your server - this one definitely
        is a security consideration.

        If you enable allow_url_include be very careful about what you

        If you're still not sure, enable url_fopen, do not enable

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    Thanks Chris :-)


Hi Chris

Can i use curl option to php to take care of the security issue so that i can disable both allow_url_fopen & allow_url_include in php.ini file.

allow_url_include is a security issue because it will actually execute the code returned from the url (like an 'include' or 'require' does locally).

allow_url_fopen is not a security issue - it only returns the code, it does not execute it.

But yes you can use curl instead of relying on allow_url_fopen.

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