Right, I'm having some rather strange issues between mysql and php when it 
comes to inserting Japanese text. I have the table and fields set to 
utf8_unicode_ci, if I use phpmyAdmin to insert japanese text through the 
interface it works just fine. If I use phpmyadmin but type in the mysql 
insert command in the interface it works just fine. If I use php to connect 
to the database and insert the text recieved from a html form I get what 
looks like the ascii codes in the record rather than the text, however if I 
print that text to the browser window at the same time, the browser still 
renders it as normal japanese characters.


Is converted to :
The php I'm using is:

$link = mysql_connect($DBhost,$DBuser,$DBpass);
$db_selected = mysql_select_db($DBName, $link);
if (!$db_selected) { die ('Database access error : ' . mysql_error());}

$query = "INSERT INTO `QuestionsJA` (ID, QuestionText, AnswerText, Correct, 
Type, QGroup, Active) VALUES ('$QID','$QText', '$Ans', '$Cor', '$Type', 
'$QGroup', '$Active')";

mysql_query($query) or die('Error, Feedback insert into database failed')

I can output the variables containing the text into the browser and it 
displays as it should, just seems to be the communication between php and 

Please help, this is driving me nuts.

I've also tried adding:

mysql_query ('SET NAMES utf8');
mysql_query ('SET character_set_client = utf8');
mysql_query ('SET character_set_results = utf8');
mysql_query ('SET character_set_connection = utf8');

to the script but still no difference.


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