haliphax wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 4:34 PM, PJ <af.gour...@videotron.ca> wrote:
>> Here we go again!
>> I'm trying to do some form entry verification and am trying to figure
>> out how to verify if there are 4 fields entered:
>> f_nameIN, l_nameIN, f_name2IN, l_name2IN
>> Verifying for each is ok, but somewhat tortured and long. I thought of
>> using CONCAT_WS but it doesn't seem to listen to me.
>> The manual is not very explicit as to where it can be used and by the
>> examples, it would seem that it can only be used in select statements.
>> Seems a little silly, no?
>> Here is what I found so far.
>> echo $f_nameIN," ", $l_nameIN;
>> returns joe whatever - ok, fine.
>> Obviously the string contains something. Right.
>> Now try this
>> $Author = CONCAT_WS(" ", $f_nameIN, $l_nameIN);
>> echo $Author;
>> and it's a flop.
>> Am I missing a bracket, curly bracket or a baseball bat?
>> I thought maybe I should add AS Author - but that only seems to work in
>> a select statement. :'(
>> Help?
> I believe you're mixing your T-SQL with your PHP. Sort of like getting
> chocolate in your peanut butter, but not half as delicious.
> CONCAT_WS is a MySQL server-side function. It cannot be called
> directly from PHP, but rather via a database call performed **by**
> PHP.
> Also--PHP has the nifty "dot" (.) operator for concatenating strings. Try 
> this:
> $Author = $f_nameIN . ' ' . $l_nameIN;
> echo $Author;
> Hope this helps,
It sure does. The mud is dripping off my eyes. :-) thanks.

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