Anton Heuschen wrote:
This might sound trivial, but for the live of me cant seem to get it to
work, and I am not familiar with such a thing.

What I have is a query lets say :

select  country,name,population from USERS where id= 'some_id' ";

Now I want to assign the result to one set (The above example might have 3+
entries per telephone, thus what would be nice is something like an array of

[id][country][name]  = population .......... or to be exact if I echo the
value for each id and country and name to get the population value

Like :

Array {

  [id] array {
         [country] array {
                    [0] = USA
  [name] array {
         [0] = test



I dont know something like that, maybe Im over comlicating the question now
even, the main thing is wondered was in the first place was with a standard
query and variable assign, from the query like:

select  country,name,population from USERS where id= 'some_id' ";

normally you would just assign each field to one variable. like

$country = result["country"]
$name = result["name"]

But now I want all 3 fields as one variable (which would be an array) ..but
how ?

I hope I have not totally confused the question now.

Thanks in advance

not sure if this is what you want - but

$sql="your query";
while ($foo = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {

then -

would represent one row of your query


would represent another row of your query


Is that what you are looking for?

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