I know I'm a pain the butt but I just can't help asking for help. You
guys are so nice... ;-)
I am trying to do some checks if there are entries in the db so I can
then insert the right stuff. And I'm looking for ways to simplify things.
I probably dont understand the flow of things here, but this almost
works. :-\
$Author = $first_nameIN . ' ' . $last_nameIN;
echo $Author;
$sql1 = "SELECT CONCAT_WS(" ", first_name, last_name) as Author FROM
author     WHERE Author LIKE '$Author'";
          $result1 = mysql_query($sql1);
this would be instead of
$sql1 = "SELECT first_name, last_name) FROM author WHERE (first_name
LIKE 'first_nameIN' && last_nameIN LIKE 'last_nameIN')"

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