I've been racking my little peanut-brain as well as big Google with
little hope...
I can retrieve the array from the multiple select dropdown box but I
can't quite manage to insert the data which is just id numbers for a table.
I've tried some while stuff but doesn't work. I know I don't have the
right syntax on anything at this point. Here's an effort that doesn' work.
Dont know if I should be using $categoriesIN[] type of stuff...
but my tries were from web illustrations...
the outcommented line returns the values of the array... but how to pass
them to the query?

foreach ($categoriesIN as $category) {
$sql = "INSERT INTO book_categories ( book_id, category )
    VALUES( book.id WHERE title = $titleIN, $category )";
        $result = mysql_query($query, $db);;

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