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>On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 00:12, Clancy <clanc...@cybec.com.au> wrote:
>> Don't take me too seriously on this. But it riles me that the same peoplewho 
>> threw out the
>> GOTO as being too dangerous could then introduce the break statement which, 
>> as I said,
>> it's like a GOTO without a target. As a long-time assembly programmer, I 
>> found the
>> judicious use of GOTO's made for far clearer code than the mess of nested 
>> braces I am
>> forced to use in PHP.
>    Then you'll be happy with the advent of PHP6:
>        http://php.net/goto

Great news! ...... Now ALL I have to do is to persuade my host to update from 
4.3.9. (or
maybe switch!)

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