Nathan Rixham wrote:

actually much of this discussion is null and voided by using a decent IDE, certainly eclipse, netbeans, zend ide all handle much of the formatting and indenting - the one gripe I have is that PDT2 is lacking the "format source" option which is a vast time-saver when using eclipse for most other languages.

also, they all show PHP syntax errors which obviously provides cover for the main problem, missing brackets n braces.

Yeah, well, I tend to use bluefish, emacs, and vi (in that order) for php stuff. There may be a macro for emacs that can find syntax issues, I don't believe there is one for vi.

emacs still has some utf8 issues (directly inputing polytonic greek for example) - otherwise I'd not use bluefish (bluefish has an annoying bug where it sometimes chokes and loses all syntax highlighting)

Back when I paid the Apple tax and used a Mac - I used BBedit for everything. I've never found anything like it (homesite is close, but I don't use windows)

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