On Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 3:56 PM, Andrew Williams

> Dear All,
> I have written a back end php program that update live stream database and
> this data is streamed 24 hours a day. Please, what is the best way to make
> sure this program execute or runs 24 hours day.

is this running as a daemon process?  we used to wrap these in other scripts
which would starts the main script off, if it ever returns, then the wrapper
script just starts it right back up.  im not quite certain how we
implemented it (at a former job) but i believe the wrapper script was BASH.

anyways, a pretty good rule of thumb w/ any service that needs to run 24/7
is monitoring.  have the program periodically log status data somewhere that
can be picked up by another system.  that system can then determine if the
service seems to have stopped working, and send an alert of some sort off to
the appropriate party.

theres tons of oss out there to this end, i happen to know hobbit is just
one such application,



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