I want to index the files on a website recursively. The program will run in the 
site root
directory, which GETCWD reports as D:/Websites/Website_1.  I can open any file 
in the root
directory simply using its file name; Joe.dat, for example, and I can opendir 
for any
subdirectory; eg 


but opendir () does not seem to work, and the only way I can find to open the 
directory is to give its full path; eg 

        opendir (D:/Websites/Website_1);

I have got the program working by using the full path to open the root 
directory, and then
using relative paths to open the subdirectories and individual files, but this 
rather a kludge, and I am wondering if there is a way to open the root 
directory without
specifying an absolute path?

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