for a production machine, i'd say that compiling from
sources should always be the first option.

rpm's are great for ease of maintenence and simplicity
of intallation, but are not flexible at all.

sources are usually a tiny bit more complicated, 
becuase you've got to figure out what to tell 'configure'
or what to edit in the makefile, but they give you so
much more control over what functionality/options you
get in the program.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Marius Andreiana [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Subject: [PHP] any reasons to compile apache instead of using
> distributionbinaries ?
> Hi
> Do you think it would be better (easier to maintain) to install
> apache and other libraries from rpm, and from sources only
> php?
> Thanks,
> Marius Andreiana

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