Tom Sparks wrote:
is there a php Fop (XSLFO)?
if not are there any that are not java based and can be run o a website that 
has php support only?

Hi Tom,

Not XSLFO as such, this was split up years ago in to it's comprising parts - XSLT, XSL and XPath, all of which PHP supports with the fantastic addition of a full DOM API for XML based documents. (includes DOMXPath) (XSLTProcessor)

// load xsl
$XSLDocument = new DOMDocument();

// load xml
$XMLDocument = new DOMDocument();

//run xslt transformation
$XSLTProcessor = new XSLTProcessor();
$NEWDoc = $XSLTProcessor->transformToDoc($XMLDocument);

// echo the new document
echo $NEWDoc->saveXML();

Regards :)


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