> Hi,
>  I have a question regarding using line breaks in PHP. I have the code 
> something like:
>       echo "1" . "\t " . $x . "\t" . $y . "\r\n";
> When I run the code, it looks like a whole blob of text, but when I use "View 
> Source", the line breaks are formatted then correctly.
> Anyone can please tell me if this is what this is supposed to be?
> If so, how can I get the user to see the line break as they are, do I have to 
> use <br>?
> Thanks for your help.
Hi Alice,

I see that you are using a browser to view the result.
Use <br /> to cause a break at end of every line.

echo "1" . "\t " . $x . "\t" . $y . "\r\n<br />";

that way, the lines are properly break even when viewing the HTML source.


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