Daniel Brown wrote:

>> It's just file descriptor 3, that's all. In the old days, it was
>> occasionally called "stdaux", but AFAIK that's not used any more.
>     Now that you mention it, I do seem to recall the term "STDAUX,"
> but I'm not sure if it's an actual memory or just one of those things
> that "looks familiar" after reading it.  Either way, the streams are
> also referred to as "channels," and the virtual reference to that is
> known as the "file descriptor."

Hmm, I know I have never heard streams or file descriptors referred to
as "channels".  Well, certainly not in UNIX.  

As for stdaux, I don't think it's being used any more at all.  Like Bob
suggested, I think it might very well be a DOS reference. 

Per Jessen, Zürich (1.8°C)

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