George Larson wrote:
Thanks everybody!

I guess I was a little vague.  I'm working on an OpenSUSE setup with Apache,
MySQL and PHP.  I just knew that my confusion was because of my Windows

The writing I referred to was to a file.  One example is I had a script that
was pulling data from a database and using it to generate PDF files.  This
would work fine from the command line but _not_ if I pointed a browser at
it.  It wasn't an important difference because that script is a cronjob
anyway.  I just wanted to understand what was going on and how I could
change it -- if I find later that I need to.

Give the user apache runs as permission to write to the directory where the PDF files are generated.

I don't know what use apache run as on SuSE but if it was, say, www - as root:

chown www /path/to/directory/where/you/want/the/output

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