Mauricio Muriel wrote:
>     Please keep replies on list.
>     At a minimum you are missing the closing brace } for your function.  I
>     would suggest that you find an IDE or at least a text editor that has
>     PHP syntax checking.
>     -Shawn
> Sorry for my error IN THE EMAIL, the code is complete in my local
> machine, so that is not the error... if you put a "}" to close the
> function's code, does it have run well for you?
> Regards
> Mauricio M.
You are still not replying to the list.  Try Reply All and make sure
'' or similar is in the To or CC field.

To answer your question, yes.  If I add a closing brace just before the
?> then it runs fine.

Of course you're using PHP 4.3.2 and I'm using 5.2.4 and I'm not sure if
this type of chaining is supported in PHP 4:


I haven't seen the object->method()->property, just the
object->method()->method() which I think is only supported in PHP 5, so
I'm not sure if yours is available in 4 or not.


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