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> Newbie question...
> At the end of a php block I'm trying to use a redirect to go to another
> page.
> header('Location: show.php');
> It works on my test server w php 5.2.6 but not at the main server w v 5.12

    Did you already have some output sent to the browser?  That may be
causing header() not to be able to send the Location header to the
browser properly.

> Is there a way to get it to go to the other page (even with a different
> command/function) - or am I doing something wrong?

    Well, if the above is in fact the case (and yes, different
versions and installations have been known to respond differently),
then you can use a browser-based meta refresh, which will work for all
browsers anyway:

// .... your code....
header('Location: show.php');
echo '<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;show.php">';

    This kills three birds with the same stone like so:

        1.) It tries to use the header() location redirect.
        2.) It falls back on browser-based redirection.
        3.) It forces a flush() of the data to the client, regardless
of minimum size limits.
        4.) It forces the script to exit with a non-error code of 0.

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