Hi everybody,

I am a Certified Zend Engineer with almost 10 years of PHP development
experience but for some reason I've never asked question to this ML.

As subject says, I would like to know if there a generic extension/3rd
parts/solution to save the state of a built-in PHP object.

I perfectly know that __sleep and __wakeup or ... implements
Serializable { ... } could allow me to store and retrieve serialized
data but what I did not expect is that APC just behaves as serialize
and "nothing more" than that.

Here there is a quick explanation:

$xsltp = new XSLTProcessor;




// no way to store the variable here with its live state

// without re-importing stylesheet on __wakeup or unserialize

echo    $xsltp->transformToXML(



I agree that this built-in stuff could be consider a weird case but I
cannot believe that with all these new classes there is no solution to
truly hibernate instances state.

As summary, I wonder if any of you knows a solution or, if any, when (and if) 
are you planning to add this feature.

Best Regards
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