On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 10:30 AM, Martin Zvarík <mzva...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Marc Venturini napsal(a):
>> Hi all,
>> I wrote a PHP script running in Apache which takes more than 30 seconds to
>> complete. It uses set_time_limit() to extend the time it is allowed to
>> run.
>> The script generates thumbnails from a list of images. Upon completion,
>> the
>> script redirects the browser to another page using HTTP headers.
> If you die() at the end of the script and don't redirect does it continue
> this auto-30-seconds execution?
>> On my local machine (Windows + EasyPHP), the script runs as expected and
>> completes after a few minutes.
>> I observe an unexpected behavior on my production web server:
>> - The script runs as expected for the first 30 seconds.
>> - After 30 seconds, the same script with the same parameters starts again
>> in
>> a new thread/process. The initial thread/process is *not* interrupted, so
>> 2
>> threads/processes run in parallel, executing the same sequence of
>> operations
>> with a 30 time shift.
>> - The same scenario happens every 30 seconds (i.e.: at 0"30, 1"00, 1"30,
>> and
>> so on), multiplying the parallel threads/processes.
>> - The browser keeps on loading while the above happens.
>> - After some time, the browser displays a blank page and all the
>> threads/processes stop. I assume this is due to resources exhaustion, but
>> I
>> have no means to check this assumption.
>> I deduced the above reading a text file in which I log the sequence of
>> called functions.
> It all seems as a redirection / unclosed loop problem.
>> Unfortunately I have no access *at all* to my production web server
>> configuration (shared hosting, no documentation). I cannot even read the
>> configuration settings. While I'm considering moving to another host, I'd
>> be
>> extremely pleased to have an explanation of the observed behavior.
>> I have browsed the mailing list archives and looked for an explanation in
>> other forums to no avail. This thread may deal with the same issue but
>> does
>> not include any explanation or solution:
>> http://www.networkedmediatank.com/showthread.php?tid=17140
>> Thanks for reading, and please do not hesitate to ask for further
>> explanations if what I'm trying to achieve was not clear!
> Why it works on your local server is probably caused by different
> versions/settings, but I bet there's an error somewhere in your script.
> Consider sending it here, I'll take a look.

A blank URL does not redirect to the directory index, IIRC... it
refreshes the current page (such as a FORM tag with ACTION=""). This
may very well still be your problem.

My 2c,

// Todd

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