OK, I think I've got the problem. I had to go back further than where the problem appeared to be. The 1st error was the comment code on the div line before the menu is Included. It had the "--" in the comment. Oddly, it interacts with the same error in the comment in the mainmenu file. I saw some suggestion that these work in pairs but fail in odd numbers. So, I have many pages that work like this. Adding another bad comment to the mainmenu, causes it to fail (3 bad lines). Or, without a third line, fixing the only bad line in the mainmenu also fails! Now, correcting the bad line in the web page fixes that -- (whoops) - but causes all the other similar web site pages to start failing.
I'll have to fix them all, but at least I know the problem.
No wonder nobody comments code!


<!-- Comment on the First Line -->
<!-- Comment on the -- Second Line -->
Functional Menu code

<div id="menu"> <!-- Include the -- menu here -->
<?php include 'mainmenu.php';  ?>

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