Jochem Maas ha scritto:
essentially, yes. note that if someone can upload a script and run it, a
bug in curl in the least of your worries. you have already been owned.

Yes, obviously. :D I agree with you. :)

the curl issue is more pertinent to situations where one is using curl
with CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION (which seems like you'd want to use it normally)
and an attacker has some idea about how to be on the receiving end of the
curl call ... there by allowing them to make your curl call eat some nasty url
(which may cause you to disclose sensitive info the the callee, that was 
for example, for a ligitemate webservice ... at least that's the way I
understand it (hopefully someone will correct me if I've got my wires crossed)

I'm not so sure that I've understood... The attack could be successful when libcurl extension is activated and there a php page on the server that accepts an URL from the client passing it to cURL function. Is it correct? If so, I think this could be considered only as an example of awful programming. Isn't it?

P.S. please use a valid email address.

I never use valid e-mail address in order to protect me from spam. If there is a sort of "manifesto" that users must follow to send messages here I will surely specify my true e-mail address.

Thank you very much again! ;)

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