i've been working on porting the functionality of 
PHP's serialize() and unserialize() functions that
will turn an array/hash into a simple string.

so far, i've got serialize() working in perl... 

i attached the files, but you can also get them at:

if anyone feels like helping me out, throw some
data at it, serialize some stuff with perl, then try
to unserialize it in PHP... see if you get the same
values... i've been testing for a little while
now, and it seems to be working fine.

i plan to use this to store data in a mysql database
so that both perl and PHP can understand the same
serialized structures. 

it'll only serialize data... not references or
objects or anything of that sort, so dont even try,
or it'll give you funky results. :)

PS: also, the code is a rough outline, so be kind :)

rename "serialize.pl.txt" to "serialize.pl"
rename "serialize.php.txt" to "serialize.php"

to serialize data: run 'serialize.pl'
to unserizlize: copy the output of 'serialize.pl' into 'serialize.php' and run 

code is free to use as long as you give me credit.
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