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> Hello,
> Seeking some advice on how to create an ERD (sic) graphically on the page on
> the fly when the page is 'called'...
> That is, I have a backend PostgreSQL database that I am getting data from
> and putting data into via web page/s and PHP...
> I would like to be able to show graphically to the web site admins the
> relationships between the pimary key contents of one table to all its
> foreign keys in the daughter table in a form of a simple entity relationship
> diagram.
> That is, a graphic showing (say) all of the PKs listed in the mother table,
> all of the more voluminous (sic) FKs listed in another table - and
> "connecting lines."
> This is to aid the admin users that are used to conceptualiazing this sort
> of thing...

PHPMyAdmin does exactly this sort of thing, as do a lot of SQL
workbench programs. I'm sure there is one out there that will handle
PostgreSQL. My advice to you is not to reinvent the wheel. If they're
admin users, do you really need to wrap it up in a self-contained
webpage for them, or could you just show them using an administrative
tool that can handle ERD?

// Todd

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